Links and Favorites

These are some of my favorite websites.  Enjoy!

Are you a liberal?  A conservative?  A libertarian?  Somewhere in between?  
Do you know what these terms mean?  Take this short online quiz and find out!

Similar to the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" except with much greater 
depth and detail

Political, economic, and social commentary from a libertarian perspective

Political, economic, and social commentary from a progressive perspective

"Anti-state, Anti-war, and Pro-markets"

Pretty much self-explanatory...

US History and current events from America's foremost libertarian historian

A website dedicated to the great 19th Century American libertarian philosopher

Documenting the effort by the states to re-establish the doctrine of federalism

Large collection of detailed military history maps

Massive online repository of the most important primary sources in Western history

Do you know who John Maynard Keynes is?  How about Freidrich Hayak?  Are you interested in learning more about economics?  Then this is the website for you!

Did a politician say something crazy that sounds like a lie?  It probably is...

Want to see how much a dollar was worth in the past?  

Short, funny, and entertaining videos that cover all sorts of topics from current events to popular culture

Great resource for formatting and citing information in a research paper.

A great tool for creating your own maps!

Short, informational videos about many topics in history

Short, informational videos about American civics

Entertaining short videos about topics in US history

Entertaining short videos about topics in world history

More short videos about additional topics in World History

Short videos about various topics in American and British history

Short current event videos from America's foremost contrarian reporter

Lots of good primary sources and historical articles

List of movies based on historical topics

Another website with detailed information about movies based on historical events

Did you find a cool video that you would like to keep?  Use this website to download a copy

Everything you need to know about hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors here in Illinois

Learn how to tie all sorts of fishing knots with animated graphics

A fun website with lots of great content from the people who brought us Vlogbrothers and the Crash Course series

Top 10 lists about all sorts of interesting topics

One of the best NFL blogs

Popular Chicago sportswriter and radio personality

Reviving the lost art of manliness...

Yes...the game we all played in grade school!

View celestial events as they happen!

Shows animated and interactive maps of battles and campaigns from the War for Independence, the Civil War, and the Pacific and European Theaters of World War II.